I'm Nick Green - a professional film screenwriter and film script consultant. 

I've spent 22 years learning the screenwriting trade. How? Practice. Screenwriting is a fine art. Writing good film scripts takes a lot of screenwriting practice. And talent.

As a screenwriter for hire, I've written 40+ feature film scripts. In all film genres. For film producers, film directors, film financiers, and individuals - globally.

Commission me to screen write a film or TV script, polish a screenplay, edit a screenplay, doctor a screenplay, or analyse your feature film script, short film script, or TV screenplay. You'll get a lot of screenwriting buck for your bang. And zero ego. 

  • Screenwriting commissions - for a fee that suits us both I can write your film or TV screenplays from an idea, or from your film or TV screenplay treatment or synopsis
  • Film script development - commission me to develop your film or TV screenplay according to your cinematic vision and objective film industry imperatives
  • Film script polishing - commission me to make your film or TV script shine
  • Film script doctoring - there's a problem with your script; hire me to fix it
  • Film script reporting - hire me to provide penetrating script notes that offer constructive criticism and ways by which your film or TV script can be improved
  • Screenplay adaptations - commission me to adapt a book or play to the screen
  • Short film script writing - I've written dozens and had many produced


Get in touch to discuss your screenwriting or film script consultancy requirements.




 To see my screenwriting/script consultancy resume, click on the link below:

Nick Green Screenwriter CV/Resume
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My screenwriting and film script consultancy services include film screenplay writing; film script development; film screenplay polishing; film script doctoring; film script reporting/analysis; film treatment writing; screenplay adaptations; screenplay tutoring/coaching; short film script writing