Screenplay adaptations

Adapting novels into screenplays is a fine art. Sometimes the metamorphosis from one form into another can require the invention of new through-lines, characters and events that are more cinematic. Sometimes screenplay adaptations can be 'easier' because the source material is more cinematic. Some novels lack a cinematic storyline that can be grafted into the screenplay structure easily, however; so in adapting these, a screenwriter must be innovative and subtle. 

I love doing screen adaptations. It's a screenwriting discipline that requires a completely dedicated and distinct skill set. I am also a playwright. I can therefore adapt stage plays to the screen. get in touch to find out more about my book to screen adaptation, and stage to screen (or visa versa) services.

My screenwriting and film script consultancy services include: film script writing; film script development; film script polishing; film script doctoring; film script reporting/analysis; film treatment writing; screenplay adaptations; short film script writing