Film and TV script reporting

As a professional film screenplay consultant I've written more than 150 script reports on feature film and TV scripts in all genres for various individuals, film financiers, film producers, and film directors - some of them Oscar winners. Many of these screenplays have been produced. 

My detailed film script reports enable screenwriters, film directors, film producers, and film script developers to achieve essential cinema audience engagement. My script reporting therefore helps film makers find success.

I go beyond highlighting issues with a screenplay. I also provide solutions: ways the screenplay can be improved. Improvement may just involve better script dialogue or better screenplay action text; but more usually it involves deep changes to the screenplay story and structure - even the screenplay concept.

In my experience as a script analyst, the problems with screenplays usually exist at a 'roots' level, rather than at the levels of 'twigs' and 'branches'. So screenwriters and script developers (whether they are film producers, script development personnel, or film directors) must have the courage to 'go into the story' at fundamental levels in order to realise the potential of the script.

When it comes to screenplays, you can't paper over the cracks. You have to rebuild the wall: a brilliant production can never disguise a bad film script (just as a brilliant screenplay can to some degree shore-up a bad production).

The value of excellent film script analysis is therefore immeasurable. It can empower film makers and screenwriters to find success. So let's get cracking. 

The script report 

My script reports follow the following standard script report structure:











Script Format, Presentation & Grammar


The script report is also scored on a % basis according to the following criteria:

Film script premise

Screenplay story line


Film script dialogue

Film script structure

Screenplay pace

Screenplay originality

Audience Appeal

Script reporting CV/resume

This is my script reporting CV. If you'd like to see my complete screenwriting CV, sample script reports/notes, or screenplays that I have written,just ask.

For Premier Picture (ongoing, packaged scripts): Screenplay (RF Movie Productions Ltd) Screenplay (Paradox Studios)Screenplay (Reed Film Production & Entertainment) Screenplay (R & R Film)Screenplay (Mugshot Films)Screenplay (Green Screen Productions Ltd)Screenplay (Archface Films)Screenplay (Shadowlight Pictures)Screenplay (Bill and Ben Productions) Screenplay (ITA Productions Limited)Screenplay (Smudge Films Ltd)Screenplay (Shattered Glass Entertainment, LLC)Screenplay (Satisfaction Productions Ltd)Screenplay (Undisclosed)Screenplay (Elstree Studio Productions Ltd)Screenplay (Chrystal Rose Productions Ltd) Screenplay (Cavegirl Enterprises Ltd)Screenplay (AFG Film Ltd)Screenplay (Gas Station 8 Ltd)Screenplay (Polaris Pictures)Screenplay (Ipso Facto Films)Screenplay (M4West Pictures Ltd.) Screenplay (One Eyed Dog Films)Screenplay (One Eyed Dog Films)Screenplay (Camden Film)Screenplay (One Eyed Dog Films)Screenplay (Ronin Pictures Ltd)Screenplay (Instinctive Film GmbH)Screenplay (Studio Potential)Screenplay (Devious Productions Ltd)Screenplay (Talkinglens Productions)Screenplay (Camden Film)Screenplay (Dan Films Ltd)Screenplay (Undisclosed) Screenplay (Green Screen Productions Ltd)Screenplay (Corona Pictures)Screenplay (Pure Films)Screenplay (Capital Films Ltd.)Screenplay (Origin Pictures)Screenplay (White Cloth Studios)Screenplay (Before the Dawn Productions)Screenplay (The Wilderness Company)Screenplay (The MonteCristo Fund)Screenplay (Deluxe Productions) Screenplay (Flexstone Productions IOM Ltd)Screenplay (Fulwell 73 Ltd)Screenplay (Minds Eye Entertainment)Screenplay (Centre Mass Studios) Screenplay (Starfish Films)Screenplay (Narrator Entertainment) Screenplay (Undisclosed)Screenplay (El Gato Rojo Productions)Cinematic doco treatment (Carnaby Films)Screenplay (Santa's Boot Camp LLC)Screenplay (Nokra Films S.L.)Screenplay (Thinking Films)Screenplay (Rapid River LLC)Screenplay (Ombra Films)Screenplay (That's Hollywood Pictures)Screenplay (Umedia)Screenplay (Goldrush Entertainment)Screenplay (The Mark Gordon Company)Cinematic doco treatment (Carnaby Films)Screenplay (Subotica Ltd)Screenplay (Paradox Entertainment)Screenplay (Secret Evidence Films Ltd)Screenplay (De Fuca Media Ltd)Screenplay (The Man Who Knew Infinity Ltd)Screenplay (Vita Nova Films)Screenplay (Cinema Arts Group) Screenplay (Andron Movie Ltd)Screenplay (Vicarious Dreams Ltd) Screenplay (Filmhouse, NY) Screenplay (Lotus Entertainment Ltd) Screenplay (4th Wall Entertainment/Interloper Films) Screenplay (The Walk Productions) 

Other/Various: SPIDER (Feature film screenplay - Sterling Pictures) SEAHOLME (Feature film screenplay - Salon Pictures Ltd); KEEPER (feature film screenplay - Jimmy Olsson); THE COLLECTOR (TV pilot script - private client); LIKE A FISH TO WATER (Feature film screenplay - private client); THE FAMILY (Feature film screenplay – Going Up? Productions LLC); THE ARTEMIS PROTOCOL(Feature film screenplay – Enlightenment Productions Ltd); ARTHUR & MERLIN: THE FIRE OF BALOR (Feature film screenplay - Movie Works - for Euroscript) THE CURSE OF THE WERE POODLE (Feature film screenplay - Sabre Films) TITLE (Feature film screenplay - 1405 Pictures) STILL WATERS (Feature film screenplay - Baker Street)SCREENPLAY (Feature film screenplay - 1405 Pictures) CHURCHILL (Feature film screenplay - Salon Pictures Ltd); THE PIRATE QUEEN (Feature film script – De Warrenne Pictures Ltd)DON DON (Feature film script - Salon Pictures Ltd) SOUTHSTOW (TV comedy serial pilot)FLAT 37 (Feature film screenplay  - private client)CUT LOOSE (Feature film screenplay - Green Leaf Pictures Ltd) MYRRDIN (Feature film screenplay - for Euroscript) MY LONELY ME (Feature film screenplay - Ace Film) DESPITE THE FALLING SNOW (Feature film script – Enlightenment Productions Ltd) THE HATCHING 2 (Feature film screenplay – Sabre Films)THE LAST PLANET (Feature film script - Two Bells Productions)PENICILLIN (Feature film screenplay – Passport Pictures)DECOMPRESSION (Feature film screenplay – Salon  Pictures Ltd) THE LOOKED AFTER KID (Feature film screenplay – Finite Films and TV) ALEXANDRIA (Feature film script – private client) YOU CAN’T HURRY LOVE (Feature film screenplay – Chrystal Rose Productions Ltd - 5 x re-submissions) BURNOUT (Feature film screenplay – Finite Films and TV) SHERWOOD (Feature film screenplay – De Warrenne Pictures Ltd) THE HATCHING (Feature film screenplay – Sabre Films)THE PROVIDER (Feature film script - private client) CARPET BOY (Feature film script – Lucid Pictures Ltd) OFFENDER (Feature film script – Gunslinger Films/Revolver Entertainment) CONFINE (Feature film script - Two Bells Productions) CRATER (Feature film script - Two Bells Productions) ROBIN HARVEY (Feature film script – private client) WEIR’S INTEREST (Feature film script – private client) TAKING STOCK (Feature film script – Swipe Films) PRETTY DEAD SOON (Feature film script - Sarah Boote) THE SPIRIT HEALER (Feature film script – Vernon Allen Productions) GLORIA: DEAD MEN TALKING (Feature film script – private client) BATTLE OF THE BANDS (Feature film script – private client) SLEEPING BEAUTY’S DAUGHTER (Feature film script – Wild Thyme Productions) FOXTROT ALPHA (TV pilot – private client) THE LORDS OF NIRVANA (Feature film script – Balhar Films Ltd) MAZE OF MY DESIGN (TV pilot – private client) THE BEGINNING OF THE END (Feature film script – private client) THE DISCIPLES OF GEORDIE (Feature film script - private client)  MORE THAN A GAME (Feature film script – private client) SPIRIT OF THE GAME (Feature film script - Spirit of the Game Movie Ltd) REIGN FROM SPAIN (Feature film script - Foxtrot Oscar Productions, Ealing Studios, UK) SPARKLE (Feature film script– Cinematic Productions)GREATER POWERS (Feature film script – private client)PROTECTION (Feature film script – private client) MO AND ODLO – KNIGHTMARE (Feature film script - private client) AFTERMATH (30 minute short for Lithuanian Film Studios, Vilnius) WHINGEING POMS (Feature film screenplay – Apache Film Production Ltd, Melbourne) THE WOLF IN THE SUN (Feature film screenplay – Takhayal Entertainment, Cairo) CONVICTION (Feature film screenplay – private client)THE CELESTIAL NAVIGATOR (Feature film screenplay - private client) 


Full Film/TV Screenplay Report: £180 (up to 120 pages - £1 per page thereafter)

Full Film/TV Screenplay Report Re-submission: £100 

Snapshot Film/TV Script Report: £100 (up to 120 pages - £1 per page thereafter)

Snapshot Film/TV Script Report Re-submission: £60